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Thinking Reeds Math & Science has served hundreds of homeschool students in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas since 2007. Our students leave college ready and enthusiastic about science, excelling in every available metric (standardized tests, top tier schools, scholarships, etc.). Learn more about what we do locally at

Thinking Reeds Online seeks to bring the same high quality instruction to homeschoolers worldwide. We consistently hear from students and parents alike that textbooks are expensive, unclear, and largely unread. In addition, we often receive invitations to come teach at this or that co-op in some outlying area, to bring Thinking Reeds to a larger audience. 

How is Thinking Reeds Online different from other avenues for online math and science? Dr. Reid brings years of personal experience in working with literally hundreds of students face to face to help them grasp and master even the most difficult concepts in science. He know what works and what doesn't. That kind of teaching, that level of student awareness, is simply lost in e-learning products generated by committees inside of multi-billion dollar publishing houses.


Brian Reid earned a PhD in chemistry from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2000. His academic research varied from the use of atomic force microscopy to study abnormal structures in Alzheimer's disease brains to the design of novel polymer composite membranes for gas separations.  His work is published in the scientific archive and he holds one US patent.  Before starting Thinking Reeds, Brian developed advanced Deep-UV microlithography processes for seven years at Texas Instruments.

Dr. Reid has taught freshman chemistry at Collin College in Plano, TX, since 2005. He has taught high school chemistry at various local homeschool co-ops, spoken before several homeschool support groups, and tutored innumerable students on an individual basis. Dr. Reid is extremely passionate about making the difficult concepts of science accessible to everyone without sacrificing rigor.

Anonymous reviews of Dr. Reid via

"Great professor, chemistry is not an easy class, but he does a good job at teaching the chemistry concepts. Probably the best chem professor there is a Collin. Highly recommend taking Dr. Reid."

"Absolutely best professor. I was apprehensive about chemistry. Especially since I was taking Summer 1/2 and was to finish Chem 1/2 in 10 weeks. I flat out would not have been able to survive without his help. He didn't just help 'push' me through but I have a solid foundation of understanding. I wish he would teach all the higher level sciences."

"One word. Amazing."

"Dr. Reid is awesome for gen chem 1! Laid back, but a great lecturer. Tests are not difficult, but you should study for the final. Book is useful to do practice problems to prep for exams. Reid is patient and will help you until you understand the material-a quality that most teachers don't have. He really knows his stuff and teaches to the point!"

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