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4/30 Hello Biology students!  Your last class is either Monday, May 8th, or Tuesday, May 9th.  

The following work is due by Friday, May 12th:

Chapter 16 Vertebrates
Chapter 17 Ecology
Final Exam

If you need additional time to complete these assignments, just let me know so I don’t send out final grades with zeros.  The final exam is comprehensive but it will count the same as any other exam.

See you soon!

Dr. Reid

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Module 1: The Living World

Module 2: Chemistry of Life

Module 3: The Cell

Module 4: Energy Conversion in the Cell

Module 5: Protein Synthesis in the Cell

Module 6: Cell Reproduction

Module 7: Genetics

Module 8: Evolution and the Fossil Record

Module 9: Viruses

Module 10: Prokaryotes

Module 11: Protists

Module 12: Fungi

Module 13: Plant Structure

Module 14: Plant Reproduction

Module 15: Invertebrates

Module 16: Vertebrates

Module 17: Ecology

Biology Final Exam

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