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red light

Traffic Light Reaction

SKILL LEVEL Middle school, High School TRY IT! Electrochemical reactions are those that involve the transfer of electrons from one compound or species to another. In an electrochemical reaction, the species that loses one or more electrons is said to have been oxidized.  The species that gains one or more electrons is said to have […]

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glass egg

Glass Egg

SKILL LEVEL K-6, Middle school, High School TRY IT!   In this experiment, you’ll combine intermolecular forces and the law of reflection to make an incredible looking glass egg. Molecules can be divided into two categories, polar and non-polar.  When elements combine to form bonds, they don’t always share the electrons in their bonds equally, […]

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Amylase Enzyme

Acid and Amylase Enzyme: Denaturing a Protein

SKILL LEVEL Middle school, High School SUBJECTS Biology, Life Science, Cell Biology TRY IT! An enzyme is a protein that is designed to speed up (catalyze) a specific biochemical reaction. You can think of an enzyme as a tiny molecular robot (a nano-bot!) that, much like a robot on an assembly line, has only one specific job. […]

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ionic or covalent

Ionic or Covalent?

SKILL LEVEL Elementary, Middle School, High School TRY IT! There are many ways that elements can join together to form compounds, depending on the nature of the chemical bonds that form between them. For example, when a nonmetal (elements in the upper right of the periodic table, such as nitrogen or oxygen) combines with another […]

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Sublimation and Deposition

SKILL LEVEL Middle school, High School TRY IT! Sublimation occurs when a substance passes from the solid phase directly to the gas phase without first becoming a liquid.  If you’ve ever seen dry ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide that is so fun to drop into warm water to make fog, you have already […]

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Thin Film Interference

Thin Film Interference

SKILL LEVEL Elementary School, Middle School, High School TRY IT! For all of its complexity and mystery, light is surprisingly limited in what it can actually do.  In short, light really only do two things.  It can bounce (reflection) and it can bend (refraction).  When multiple light waves are parallel to each other, they can […]

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invisible glass 2

Invisible Glass

SKILL LEVEL K-6, Middle school, High School TRY IT! Have you ever been in a swimming pool, looked down at your feet, and noticed that they did not appear to be where they were supposed to be?  Or maybe you’ve tried to dive for a toy or a coin underwater, only to find that it […]

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Dissolving Styrofoam

SKILL LEVEL K-6, Middle school, High School TRY IT! Polystyrene is a polymer that can be processed with air bubbles to produce Styrofoam, that amazingly light weight material that keeps the contents of our packages safe in the mail and our coffee warm in the winter. A polymer is long, chain-like, molecule composed of the […]

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